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Responsible for keeping with peace

The Baoguiyuan Community Security Team, affiliated to Nantong City Security Service Corporation of Jiangsu Province, was established in August 2010. There are 8 security guards, mainly engaged in guarding, guarding and patrolling work, assisting the community property to carry out temporary work, residents of the community. Complex, there are local residents, there are foreigners who come to Nantong to settle down, there are also relocated households, as well as tenants who work and do small businesses.
Building a team from scratch
In mid-July 2010, Zhang Qidong received the task and led 7 team members to form the first community security team of Nantong Security Service Corporation. In response to the security situation of the company and the organization, the captain Zhang Qidong followed the class. He and the team members went to work on duty, and while recording the feelings of each class, he also exchanged experiences and feelings with the players.
At the same time, Captain Zhang asked for advice from the neighborhood committee and communicated with the general clerk to learn more about what they needed and what the security team needed. Immediately afterwards, Captain Zhang also came to the households in the community to understand their thoughts and requirements for community security. Finally, Captain Zhang combined the security work requirements with the daily work of the community and the needs of all parties to form the “Fuguiyuan Community Security Service”. working plan"
Through rectification, the residents responded well, the overall environment of the community was greatly improved, and the police arrested two suspects who had stolen battery vehicles. Praised by the residents of the community.
Rectify parking
Since there is no fixed parking space, there is a situation in which there is difficulty in parking and parking in the community. After the security team mastered the situation, they combined the original vehicle management experience with the actual situation of the community and worked with the community neighborhood committee to study the solution. First, please ask the neighborhood committee to plan the open space that can be parked in the community, and mark the parking line so that the residents can consciously regulate the parking. Second, coordinate the traffic patrol department through the neighborhood committee, set the parking area at the side of the residential road, and make it impossible to park overnight. The vehicle is parked; the third is to strengthen the coordination force during the peak hours of work. In the class, the team leader and the team leader will go into battle, jointly command and manage the parking in the community, and patrol the vehicle as much as possible to park the vehicle in the best condition. Due to the command and reminder of the security guards, the residents formed a neat, standardized and unified parking habit.
In the community environment appraisal in 2010, Fuguiyuan Community was rated as “Chongchuan District Community Environmental Rehabilitation Winning Unit”. After the commendation meeting, the director of the neighborhood committee Wu Yuqin immediately convened a tea party for all the members of the security team, and commended the security team for their more than four months of gratifying results. In this regard, Zhang Qidong was very moved, his job, but did not expect to be recognized by Wu and the neighborhood committee and such a high affirmation, said: "This is what our security team should do, you hire us to help you jointly improve the community. This is our duty to do the environmental order."
Waiting for ambush, brave thief
At the beginning of February 2011, when the Spring Festival was approaching, two battery cars in the community were stolen, which had a great impact on the security of the community.
Therefore, Captain Zhang will combine the patrols on duty and plainclothes patrols to increase prevention and control. On the 28th night of the twelfth lunar month, the thief finally appeared. The patrol team near the building No. 3 had just passed, and a young man suddenly squatted down to a battery car downstairs, but was discovered by Captain Zhang. Captain Zhang immediately led the team members to the top, grabbed the thief who was preparing to open the power lock, and handed it over to the public security organ.
After the incident, the police station of the police station examined and dug up the battery car theft gang behind the theft. They collected the thieves and sold them in one. The policeman who handled the case said: "The successful capture of the car thief not only solves the peace of the Fuguiyuan community, but also cleans us. The public security environment in the jurisdiction. The wealthy park security team is good!"
Practicing commitment to serve the masses
"Learning Lei Feng is not a matter of the day, nor a phased thing, but every moment in our daily work, as long as residents need help, we must lend a helping hand." Zhang Qidong said this. This is how to lead all the players to practice.
On the evening of May 8, 2011, after the peak of work, the security guard Chen Hua saw a little girl walking around without a goal. After a few minutes of observation, he opened the door and asked: "Children, are you waiting?" The little girl didn't answer, turned and left. After a while, she entered Xiao Chen’s line of sight. This time she went straight to the guard and came to the door and said, “Uncle, can you help me to call home?” Xiao Chen immediately replied: “Yes, what? What happened?" The little girl was told by her mother that she had left the house because she was not satisfied with the test scores. She drove from Rudong to Nantong. After a long time of swaying, all the tens of dollars in the body were used up. I didn’t go home tolls. I wanted to make a phone call and say something to my family.
After understanding this situation, Xiao Chen immediately called the little girl's mother. The voice of the phone was very anxious: "Who are you? What is it?" "I am a security guard in Nantong, your daughter is here with us..." After the call, Xiao Chen reported the captain Zhang. . Captain Zhang immediately rushed in and bought the rice, vegetables and drinks for the little girl.
One hour later, the children's parents took a taxi from Rudong to the Fuguiyuan community. They held and held the hands of the two security guards.
The Wealth Park security team will use the usual little things to practice the spirit of Lei Feng, and they will make greater contributions in the activities of “guarding the peace and clean community”.