服務 項目

Mall/factory security

The security guards conduct care and guards, patrol inspections, and alert service services for specific targets. a. Careful and polite reception of visiting personnel, timely contact with the company or personnel being interviewed, and the consent of the interviewed person to release and follow the regulations. Do the relevant registration work. b. Inquiries about the inbound and outbound employees, and must be required to present a valid "release bar" for the possession of company items. c. When the employee goes to work, the security guard must stand on duty at the door, check the entry and exit personnel's documents, and the undocumented law will not allow them to enter. d. For all vehicles entering the factory area, register the license plate number, the time of entry and exit, the intention of visiting, issue the Temporary Vehicle Access Permit, and carry out all the gifts in and out of the vehicle. If necessary, use the best gesture to command the parking and walking routes of the vehicle; Check whether all out-of-way vehicles carry goods, no; direct release, yes; notify them to go to the relevant departments to release the procedures after release. e. Inspect the security inside and around the mall/factory. f. Monitor the burglar alarm system closely, and if necessary, promptly eliminate it and report it to the leader.

Private temporary insurance

Security guards maintain the safety services of natural persons and their legal property. From ancient times to the present, private bodyguards are considered to be the martial arts people wearing weapons, protecting others for their belongings or maintaining personal safety. Today, the definition of private bodyguards is that citizens are personal and property safe, and employers with professional qualities and abilities are employed. In real life, employers call the "driver", "secretary", "assistant" and so on to the private bodyguards. In today's society, industry giants and business tycoons are protected by private bodyguards. Movie stars and singers are also escorted by private bodyguards. The national heads of state and political figures also have private bodyguards accompanying them, and even the leaders of the underworld are welcoming the smiles of private bodyguards. Private bodyguards are at risk at any time and are ready to dedicate themselves. The name of a private bodyguard, the brain must be flexible, and the skills must be quick and agile, so that you can complete your mission.

Large event security

The security guard maintains the service operation of the public security order of the specific place, place, location, etc. The security service enterprise shall assist in the security prevention work in the security management area. In the event of a safety incident, the security service enterprise shall promptly report to the relevant administrative department at the same time as it takes emergency measures to assist in the rescue work. In actual work, security service companies are mostly referred to as “security guards” for “workers engaged in maintaining public order and assisting security guards.” Most of the owners and residents also use this title.

Security monitoring system

YONG LONG provides deep security understanding and practical engineering experience to the domestic security industry to provide security monitoring systems (including remote monitoring systems, networked alarm systems, intelligent security systems, etc.) maintenance, overall commissioning and technical services, and promises to cooperate with the second Users of the year are given a set of related technical prevention systems for free.