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Do a good job in various tasks and promote the development of the security industry in the capital

In order to further implement the "Regulations on the Administration of Security Services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") to better promote the development of the security industry in the capital, on the afternoon of May 20, the Public Security Bureau of Urumqi held a conference on the security system of the city, and the member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Deputy Director Cao Xuemin, the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau, Yu Xiang, the deputy researcher of the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region, and the Deputy Secretary-General of the Xinjiang Security Association, Lin Mingli, attended the meeting. The middle and above leaders of Urumqi Security Service Company and the managers of each branch attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wang Lianqing, the general secretary of the company's party branch and general manager.
      At the meeting, Cao Xuemin, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, after listening to the work reports of all units, affirmed the achievements of the city's security work over the years. He said: "Everyone here has been operating a security company for many years and has experience in managing companies. The key now is how to come up with specific measures to put the strategic deployment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the security company in place. After the introduction of the "Regulations", everyone Regarding the future development direction of the security industry in Urumqi, the party committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau also attaches great importance to it. The general view is to maintain stability, to achieve stable thinking, stable teams, and stable leadership. I hope that everyone can settle down and do a good job. Regardless of how the security system is reformed, security service companies are always under the supervision of the public security organs and work under the leadership of the party and the government."
      Cao Xuemin also put forward four requirements for the future work of the city security service company:
      First, with the promulgation and implementation of the "Regulations", the external market pressure will continue to increase, security companies must sink their minds, pay close attention to the cultivation of internal strength, make full use of the existing market share advantage, consolidate the basic work, and enhance the ability to resist risks.
      Second, strengthen the construction of the company's cadre team, comprehensively improve the quality of management cadres, and firmly establish economic benefits is the business philosophy of the company's most basic survival, starting from improving management level, improving economic efficiency, and expanding social benefits, establishing "human defense is a window, technology The development concept of “prevention is the leader and diversified management is the pillar” and comprehensively responds to market challenges.
      Third, establish a sense of the overall situation, the city security company and branch companies must have a sense of the overall situation, between the branches, city security companies and branches to conduct fair and benign competition, the use of complementary resources. City security companies should change their concepts, establish awareness of guidance, coordination, and service. They should conduct business guidance to branch offices, strengthen communication and coordination with functional departments, provide services for branch offices, and strive for more policy support for branch operations. .
      Fourth, the introduction of the "Regulations" is not only a pressure, but also an opportunity and a challenge for security companies. Security companies must be united, establish brand awareness and enhance cohesion. Focusing on economic benefits and focusing on social benefits, we will contribute to the city's economic development and social stability.
      Wang Lianqing, Party Secretary and General Manager of the Municipal Security Service Company, reported on the development of the company and put forward specific requirements for the implementation of the "Regulations" and future work. First, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Regulations," the city's security system must operate and regulate according to law. Business and benign management; Second, market-oriented, seize opportunities, base on their duties, do a good job in the safety and security of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens; Third, adhere to the people-oriented, and strive to improve the welfare of security practitioners, reduce the rate of team turnover, stabilize the team; The fourth is to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, build a learning enterprise, improve management and improve service quality.
      At the meeting, the managers of each district (county) branch of Urumqi Security Service Company made speeches on the current security work and problems.