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Anhui Security System Reading Month

Reading and prize essay activities in February - Anhui

Shakespeare said: "Books are the world's nutritional products. There are no books in life, it seems that there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just like birds have no wings." In the modern era, the development of society is changing with each passing day, and new knowledge and new technologies are indexed. Growth, people increasingly need to learn from reading to enrich their lives, cultivate their sentiments, and build their dreams.
      In 2016, it coincided with the 10th anniversary of the “National Reading” activities advocated by the Central Propaganda Department, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, etc. In response to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, “The 10th Anniversary of Reading for All: Building a Scholarly Society Will Have a National Indicator System” Calling and advocating the practice of the majority of security practitioners to develop reading, China Security Magazine decided to hold a prize-winning essay event with the theme of “Reading to Change Life and Building a Security Dream” in 2016. The event will be held from January to December. The monthly magazine will be held by the China Security magazine and the cooperation unit. In February 2016, it was jointly organized by China Security Magazine and the Security Supervision Department of the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau.
       The essay competition has a first prize of 1,000 yuan (1,000 yuan), 2 second prizes (800 yuan per person) and 3 third prizes (500 yuan per person). The winner of the “First Prize” was Xu Yong of the Tongling City Security Service Corporation of Anhui Province; the winner of the “Second Prize” was Ni Wei of the Security Management Team of Fuyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Feidong County Security Service Co., Ltd. of Hefei City. The winner of the "third prize" is Wen Wei of Hefei Feidong County Security Service Co., Ltd., Zhu Hongbin of Hefei Security Group Co., Ltd. Changfeng County Branch, and Cheng Yanghui of Fuyang City Security Service Company. The prize for this essay activity was sponsored by Anhui Zhongtian Security Service Group Co., Ltd.
      The winning entries will now be published for readers.

Warm affection, touching power

——Reading the Collection of Zhu Ziqing's Works

Tongling City, Anhui Province Security Service Corporation Xu Yong

I love prose. As early as in middle school, I left a deep impression on Zhu Ziqing's essay. "Small grass sneaked out of the soil, tender and green," "The moonlight is like a flowing water, quietly diarrhea on this leaf and flower." I can still recite his "Spring" and "Currently" Some classic passages and sentences in the works of Lotus Pond Moonlight, but these impressions are shallow and fragmentary. I only realize that Zhu Ziqing has made outstanding contributions to modern Chinese literature. His skillful techniques and meticulous style have shown the artistic vitality of new literature, but at the time I did not approach the inner world of this literary master. .

At the end of last year, the Tongling Xinhua Bookstore Library, the first bookstore and library combination in China, was officially opened. As an ordinary customer and reader, as soon as I walked into the bookstore, I was immediately infected by the rich reading atmosphere. Therefore, I also sorted out some books in order to prepare for reading in peacetime. Among them, there is a collection of Zhu Ziqing's works published by a foreign language publishing house. It’s a great reward for me to come back after I go home. Zhu Ziqing's prose is simple, clear and sullen, and the language is extremely refined. In the narrative and lyrical works, he put his true feelings in the lines between the words, and there is no such thing as a bit of artificiality, full of moving power.

"Back" is very familiar to most people and is Zhu Ziqing's masterpiece. "The Back" is only 1,500 words, but it has been passed down for a long time. It has a touching power. This essay has been selected as a Chinese textbook for middle school students. In the minds of middle school students, the words 'Zhu Ziqing' have been and "Back" "Become an inseparable one." Now reading the classics, I seem to have a heartfelt experience of this evaluation of the Chinese scholar Wu Hao. The work touched me the most two pieces. One is that the author recalled the scene with his father's station. He watched him squatting on the railway line and looking at him. He was wearing a black fur cap, wearing a black cloth, a dark horse, and a dark cotton cloth. The back of the robe can not help but burst into tears. Second, at the end of the article, the author narrates a letter from his father. The father said in his letter: "I am physically safe, but my arms are sorely painful, and I have a lot of inconveniences. I am not far away from the big ones." I read here, in the tears of the crystal, I saw the back of the obese, black cotton robes and black cloth horses." The author wrote his true feelings calmly and naturally, let the readers feel as if they were there. tears.

The prose "Children" tells about the changes in the attitude of Mr. Zhu Ziqing from childhood to middle age. The author only extracts the real images in daily life, and makes a rich life atmosphere come to the fore. The seemingly rumored homeliness reflect strong emotional concentration, purity of life and performance. The author writes about children, starting with some trivial matters and small things. These trivial matters and small things have been carefully tailored by the authors to reproduce a scene of strong drama, full of childlike and childlike.

From the article, we can read the author's emotional movement track: As the age grows, the teenager's sharp edge gradually becomes dull. Zhu Ziqing's attitude toward children has changed, he has become patient, and gradually began to reflect on his parenting attitude. I think that I used to be a "failed father." When the old father wrote a letter, he said: "I didn't delay you, and you don't want to delay him." For this sentence, he cried, regretting that he was not as kind as his father. These are just simple narratives, but whoever reads them will feel the same, and then feel the deep self-blame as a father.

"Our family is really a thousand horses!" "Five months of Amao's open mouth giggling, laughing like a flower that is opening"; the three-year-old nephew is a small Fat man, "short legs, walking on the road is ridiculous" ⋯⋯ Through these descriptions, you can feel how the author has a deep understanding of the happiness of having a child. And is this not the commonality of parents in the world?

"Give the Dead Woman" is a letter that Zhu Ziqing wrote to his deceased wife. It is enough to be touched by the living people writing letters to the dead. For the deceased wife Wu Zhongqian, Zhu Ziqing was deeply impressed and wrote about her many times in "Children", "Hollywood Moonlight", "Winter", "The Remnant Letter" and other works.

The beginning of the letter is "modesty, the days are really fast, you have been dead for three years in a blink of an eye." See the author's reluctance to his wife. The content of the letter records the little things that the family cares for in the family before the death of the wife. "The first thing you remember is that you have a few children, and the second is my turn." In the heart of his wife, the author and the child are all of her. "When you hear a cry at night, you erect your ears," telling the wife's "can't let go" to the child. "You know that I am the favorite book. In just 12 years, you have more heart than you have for a lifetime; modest, how can you withstand such a body! You have taken my responsibility to the head, press "You are worthy of you; how can I be worthy of you!" These words reflect the selfless, great love of Chinese women for their children, reflecting the author's deep distress and forever embarrassment for his wife as a child and for her husband's hard work.

In this "Zhu Ziqing's Collection", there are several articles about family affairs, family members, family essays that write about family life experiences, and I will not list them here. In short, the author's sincere affection is from the heart of the lungs, deep and moving, it is worth to carefully read, carefully recall and seriously think.

After reading "Zhu Ziqing's Collection", I think that the reason why Mr. Zhu Ziqing is of high quality and outstanding achievements is also inseparable from the power of family. If Zhu Ziqing does not have the rain and nourishment from his father, wife or even his children, if he does not shoulder his shoulders or feel his responsibility to his loved ones, he can't write the prose, literary theory and poetry that are full of affection and affection. His prose works will lack some social tentacles and emotional features, and we will not see the essays that are present in front of us, both radiant and warm.

Perhaps someone would say that ordinary people, including ordinary security guards like me, read too many books, including those essays that are so "divided and not scattered", what is the use? I can't agree with this. Reading can change lives. A good book, like a ship, carries us from a narrow place to a wide ocean; a good book is like a lamp that guides us from dark places to bright places. Reading a good book is like talking to a noble person, feeling the personality and heart of the author, and edifying his own spiritual sentiment.

Reading can help achieve your dreams. With the advancement of the times, our wisdom is also developing in a subtle way. No matter what kind of dream we have, including the most common dream of "I want to be a good security guard", we must improve our personal quality through reading and studying. The security services that I work in, whether it is guards, guardians, patrols, armed escorts, road traffic co-ordination, special security services, etc., are an important guarantee force for harming public safety, economic and social order. To do a good job requires the understanding and support of the family. It requires the respect and cooperation of the clients. All of this is inseparable from the warmth of family. It is inseparable from the security staff who are full of affection for the owners and the public. Only in this way can there be a pattern in the heart, and life will have a style, and it will be happy to do security work.

With love, love was born. Family is the best medicine in the world. It can heal all the pains of the human heart and has endless power. After reading "Zhu Ziqing's Works Collection", I realized that I can only become a truly happy person if I cherish my family and do my part in the family to take responsibility for the family and society.