In hendrerit nulla quam nunc

The gangsters hold the knife on the campus, and the three guarantees protect the school.


On July 2nd, on the campus of Guizhou Normal University, there was a scene in which everyone was fighting and holding a knife. The campus security guards struggled with the gangsters to fight for their duties. The heroic behavior of Guizhou’s “most dedicated security guard” has enabled netizens to have a new understanding of this group.
■Campus security heroic
Their due diligence is admirable
At noon on the 2nd, a gangster entered the campus of Guizhou Normal University with a knife. The security guards on duty at the school found it and checked it. Three security guards were stabbed by the gangsters. Two of them were unfortunately injured and one was seriously injured. .
Subsequently, the official Weibo of Guizhou Normal University released the news, triggering more than 2,000 netizens to post messages. According to witnesses at the scene, if there is no security to stop, the gangsters will have more than 50 meters to enter the canteen area with the largest traffic volume in the school, while most of the students are eating.
Netizens have paid tribute to the "uncle of security" on the campus of the due diligence and brave gangsters. Netizen "Cheng Da Biao" said: "When the school and they pass by, they are always so unconcerned. Who can think that they have used their flesh and blood to defend the safety of teachers and students. I hope the school will announce two The name of the uncle who died, the hero should always be remembered."
■If the murderer is not stopped
The consequences could be disastrous
Guizhou Normal University is a key university in Guizhou Province with more than 30,000 students. Among them, there are nearly 20,000 students in Baoshan Campus. Zhong Qi, director of the Security Department of Guizhou Normal University, said that at around 12:30 on the 2nd, the suspect Xu Shi held a sharp knife about 70 cm long and 5 cm wide at the school gate. Xu Shi first kicked the iron plate of the "No Parking Motors" set at the school gate, then waved a sharp knife and rushed along the main campus road. Shi Lei, the security guard on duty, chased after him, and used the walkie-talkie to call his teammates to reinforce.
The security guards Ni Bing, Han Yimin and Sun Kai, who are having lunch nearby, put down the tableware and rushed out of a short road to chase Xu Shi. About 200 meters away from the school gate, four security guards blocked Xu Shi. 50 meters to the left of the scene of the murder scene is the school cafeteria, directly in front of the main teaching building. "At the time of the incident, it was at the peak of the student's meal. Thousands of students went in and out. If the murderer passed, the consequences would be unimaginable!" said Zhong Qi.
Lu Jirong, the school bus driver of Guizhou Normal University who was involved in the arrest of Xu Shi, told reporters that he and another school bus driver Liao Guogang were resting on the roadside car and saw several security guards chasing one person and ran over. The two quickly got off the bus. Xu Shi chased. Suddenly, several security guards who were eating did not bring any security equipment, and they rushed to the knife. The blocked Xu Shi was madly slashed to the security guards. Ni Bing, Han Yimin and Sun Kai successively fell to the ground.
At this point, a student suddenly ran out from the side, kicking Xu Shi to the ground with one foot, Lu Jirong and others rushed to hold him firmly, and tied his hands and feet with a belt. The police who received the report rushed to take Xu Shi away and the injured security guard was taken to the hospital for rescue. Ni Bing and Han Yimin were seriously injured because of their injuries. Unfortunately, Sun Kai was seriously injured. He was rescued from his life.

Zhong Qi said that the two security guards who have been working in the school for many years are the backbone of the unit. "As long as there are unexpected incidents in the school, they always rush to the front."
The reporter learned from the Yunyan Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Guiyang City that the suspect Xu Shi is 30 years old and is a university staff member in Guizhou. At present, the police are conducting further trials on the motives of their crimes.

■Pay attention to the security status
Improve campus safety and control

The person in charge of the security department of a university in Guizhou Province told reporters that the university campus has strong openness, large population density, fast staff turnover, and complex public security situation. It is decided that the management of university campus security and surrounding security should be more targeted. However, the current police service has no effective model in colleges and universities. The maintenance of campus safety duties mainly depends on school security. Most of the school security guards receive less training and lack of corresponding equipment, and the ability to respond to emergencies is relatively insufficient.
Some netizens and industry insiders believe that the police should regularly organize security training to improve the response and experience in dealing with emergencies in the first time. At the same time, the police should conduct key security patrols and prevention and control on the campus and its surrounding areas to improve response and speed. The comprehensive ability to dispose of as much as possible to avoid the recurrence of such bleeding events.